Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayer and Supplication

I've been learning a lot about prayer and supplication this week. 

Its been a long week. Our house deals with a new thing, a new vice, a new fad each week. Usually, its on the negative side. Im having a hard time dealing with this myself, wondering why the heck these things happen. BUT, I am so encouraged by the Love of God, and who I am in Christ. I have been learning to pray about my attitude, and give everything over to my creator... with no buts. 

My life is busy, so I apologize for not responding, or calling, or texting, or whatever as often as I should or have in the past. It is my desire to do better in this area, so keep with me people, Im on it. 

It is my prayer that the kids, all 15 girls, recognize the voice of the Lord as I have, and maybe you have. We have a graduation this week, and I couldnt be more proud of her. Please pray for her as she ventures out into this world, and onto bigger and better things. 

I have some prayer requests...

1. This may sound silly, but I am in need of a printer, but I dont exactly have the funds to pay for one. Please pray that this material need is met. 

2. I am sitting well financially for the next few months, but one of my student loans is coming out of defferment soon. I am looking ahead to my financial need, and there is a need. Please pray that the Lord provide for me in this, and that I have a peace about this will of His. If the Lord is calling you to give, please pray.

3. My dad's wife's health is mediocre right now. She is heading into a gamma ray treatment on Thursday, and we are optimistic that it will work. Please pray for healing, and the Lord's will in this.

4. I need more rest! Please pray that the Lord provide time for me to get rest, and please pray that I find rest in Him, and His word. 


Melissa said...

Hey girl, I'm almost positive that at my parents' house we have at least one spare printer (I know that at one time we had 3!!). I'll check tomorrow to let you know for sure!!!

Leeann said...

Chels--I am SO, so proud of you. It is super encouraging to hear all that God is teaching you. We just started Beth Moore's study called Believing God last night, and I'm really looking forward to him opening my heart to new levels of surrender and trust. I've got to keep up with you and Beth and Cindy, and all my peeps that are out there living out their faith in such tangible ways!. I'll be praying for rest and continued closeness to the Lord for you today!

Kat said...

Hi Chels, man I literally get misty-eyed when I read your words. I am beyond proud of you & amazed by your life. I see your friend has a spare printer, but if that doesn't work out for any reason, I have one also. It's 6 years old but I never use it (so it's like new-HA)! Let me know if you still need one.