Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to work, its SUMMER TIME!


I had a wonderful pre-summer break in Oklahoma! Katie even took me down to Austin, Texas for a day. Lots of driving, but totally worth it. We went to see the bats downtown. We waited for a LONG time, and a homeless guy got in my personal bubble, scary! I got really,  really sunburned at Barton Springs, a really cool natural pool. I was only in the sun for 45 minutes on each side. I cannot believe how sunburned I am! AH! I also got stung by a bee while I was there, and had a minor reaction. I took benadryl and was OUT for a few hours. Totally fried. Literally. 

I also had the chance to go to a BackWoods store to try on backpacks and got lots of information on things I will need to buy for the race! It was SO fun, and SO overwhelming. I wish I could buy all that stuff NOW! You know me, I want it now. The cool part about backpacks is that they are super customizable, and so the pack will be exactly for me! I cant wait to get that! They were super helpful, yay for BackWoods!

I was able to print my support letters yesterday, and got them ready to stuff. It was fun, and very time consuming. I feel like Im getting somewhere though, which is awesome. My mind is constantly consumed with race thoughts, and Im working on allowing God to calm my heart and mind so that I can sleep and think about other things. Its hard though, I admit, to think of other things. I had a major breakdown last week about financial things, and called Adventures (the main ministry that has The World Race) to get prayer. The people there are amazing, and so encouraging. Im so happy to be a part of that ministry!

Im excited for summer to actually begin... its going to be long, but full of fun. I cant wait to teach cooking for the girls. THAT is going to be awesome. The best part is on the last week, we are having a cake decorating contest! WOO HOO! FUN FUN FUN! 

I created a group on Facebook for the race. If you're on facebook, JOIN! I need all the help and support and encouragement I can get!

Prayer Requests:
  1. That I would be able to know when Im believing lies, and pray outloud for myself against them. 
  2. That I would have a peace of mind that I CAN DO THIS (race), and that its going to be great.
  3. That I would be encouraged through prayer.
  4. That I receive financial provision from now through the end of LeadTime, and after until the race begins.
  5. That more guys would be touched from the Lord to go on the January race! We NEED MORE!
  6. That everything would work for the greater good of the Lord. 
Happy summer everyone!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Im staying with Katie... and she has a jewlery business... I think you should check it out!!

My favorite things are the map or "custom location" necklaces, because I actually helped with them last night! I feel so accomplished, haha. But for real, check it out, all of her stuff makes great gifts, or just a treat for yourself! Her rings and earrings are also really fun and cool too!

Humor me and check it out!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey everyone!

Greetings from Oklahoma! I drove here today with Amber, co big, while she was just passing through, Im stopping to visit with my dear friend Katie who lives here with her husband, Jason. Im pretty excited to be out of Missouri for a week, and we are possibly going to Austin next week! YAY! Im super happy! I also get to visit my old little, Savannah, and a recent (yesterday) graduate, Natalie tomorrow for lunch! IM so excited to get to see them, its going to be so fun!

SO, I need to give you the latest update!!!! I WAS ACCEPTED TO THE WORLD RACE! Only two days after my interview, I was accepted! AMAZING right?!!? YES! My brain swirls frequently with crazy things... and IM STILL SHOCKED that God has given me this opportunity. Im not leaving until January, so I have 7 months to fundraise and prepare. Im super excited, and super scared and all these other things, I cant get them all straight. I need to raise about $18,500, which sounds scary, but its not really. If everyone on my support list pledges $25 a month for the 6 months leading up to the race, I will be fully supported. Its all in God's hands. I actually stayed up late last night to write my support letter... I was so in the zone, I couldn't compel myself to stop writing it (even though I was dog tired)! THATS how crazy it is ALL the time. 

I have to pay my deposit when I get paid next week, and THEN, I can finally have my World Race blog, and be a part of the team! YAY! Its a really cool website with easy ways to get involved and support me. I will let you know the address and when its up!

We had a graduation yesterday, dear Natalie (see below). Im so happy that she got to leave the place. I didnt take any pictures with her, but I will tomorrow. That leaves us with 11 little sisters, which means a one to one ratio. Its crazy! We've had 15 almost the entire time I've been here, but keep dwindling down with graduations and the likes. Now Im not the only one with an open bed, so Im sort of hoping to not have the next new little whenever that happens, BUT I do sort of want the new little at the same time. But, we dont know when we'll get another one, its usually a surprise.


Its going to be a busy summer, we go right into that schedule when we get back. My summer job is Game Night, me and Tracy, another big sister, are in charge of planning games for every Tuesday of the summer! Its going to be so fun. Also, we get to "teach" a class on Fridays. Me and Claire, another big, are teaching a cooking and baking class together. Also so fun! YAY summer.  Im looking forward to it. 

I found out last week that my sister is pregnant, another thing of shock value. Im totally excited for her, but definitely didnt see that one coming. The sad thing is I think the baby is due right before I leave for the race, so I dont know if I'll get to see her and the baby before I leave. Im praying for the race to leave from Los Angeles, that would be awesome. YAY BABIES! Still weird to think that I will be an aunt. Yeah, weird. 

I have about 3 months left at Doulos, and thats another weird thing to think about. My time is almost over. I have grown so much, learned so much, and have faith that is SUPER deep in the Lord. I still need to figure out what Im doing for the 4 months after LeadTime. Im thinking about Vegas, because its easy to work there, I can make good money, and I can live for almost free. The only thing I need is a car. Thats actually as far as I've gotten. If you have any ideas, let me know! Im open to Maui, and Oregon too, but STILL need a car. 

Prayer Requests:
1. That God would provide for me financially for the race. That he would soften hearts of people I know to give, and that my letter would do the same. 
2. That I would be led by the Lord for a place to work/live after LeadTime. 
3. That I would have FAITH that God would provide those two things. 
4. For Rest, and that I would take care of myself better (more sleep, more down time etc)
5. For continued weight loss... Ive lost 11. something pounds... and now Im on vacation!
6. That I would have more motivation to get "in shape" for the race... AH!
7. That I would be provided with a car when its time. 

Thank you for reading my blog! If you want to get involved with the race, let me know. Especially if you want to support me creatively, I have several "tangible" needs for the race: a hikers backpack with internal frame, sleeping bag, sleeping pad,  and headlamp just for starters. 

Its really easy to give online Under "program", select support racer, then
my name, Chelsie O'Neal. AND done. Super fast, super easy.

Also, if you want to support me in prayer, THAT would be AWESOME!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bursting at the SEAMS!

I have so much to be thankful for! Its really incredible!

Here is just a sliver of whats going on/what Im doing!

First and foremost, my job search is really heating up! Last week I was feeling so hopeless because I wasnt getting anywhere. I applied for 2 ministries similar to Doulos/Shelterwood, but had NO contact with any of them. One of my fellow LeadTimer's, Tracy, spoke over me last week too, telling me to wait on the Lord, and that He would lead me. 

SO, on Friday, I heard from the person that I was talking to before about a nanny job in Wyoming. The Lord shut the door on that a few weeks ago. But she emailed me asking if I was still interested. Crazy how that happens! I needed some time to pray and think about that. 

On Monday, a former LeadTimer, Patrice, came to talk to us about The World Race (, Its a missions trip around the world, 11 countries in 11 months. Its similar to The Amazing Race, but only by the travel part, there are only a few "challenges" on the race. She went from Jan-Nov last year, and showed a slide show and talked about it all. I was so intrigued and captivated by her, it was so amazing. I couldnt believe how into it I was. I looked up the website and found that the race I was interested in is in Jan 10, and was going to Australia, somewhere I've always wanted to go. I started my application, and asked Patrice if we could meet to talk about it. We hung out on Wednesday, and she was so encouraging, and she got me a promo for the application fee! AWESOME!

On Tuesday, out of the blue, someone from New Horizons Youth Ministries called me, they have a place like Shelterwood in the Dominican Republic. The recruiter was more interested in Shelterwood than asking me interview questions! HAHA. ANyway, he said he was impressed with me, and was going to highly recommend me for hire, and was sending an email to the DR right then and there. HOW exciting! I got an email on Wednesday from the recruiter, and today, we had a mini interview, mostly her telling me the differences between SW and their school. Whats funny is that she used to work for HeartLight Ministries in Texas, which was started by a former Shelterwood counselor. HOW nuts! ANyways, she also recommended me for hire and is sending my application to the Director of Home Life so that he can call me and interview me. She said I would be a good fit! The position is "housemom", which is so DIFFERENT than anything here. Its more about relationship and emotions than anything. They are discouraged from consequencing and confronting! What a change from here!!! OMG. Awesome. I would have a separate room, and they pay airfare and good $, plus room/board. Its so cool. I hope they contact me soon! They're already calling my references!

SO, all of that to say, its getting crazy in my head, and Im so excited/anxious/nervous etc. The race is expensive, so I need to raise support, and would only have a few months. But the Dominican is about time, can they wait for me to finish LT? The Lord's hands are all over this, and Im just so excited about whats to come. I was asked today, what if they are both a yes? HA! I dont know what I'd do if they were both a yes!!! I'd FREAK OUT!

All of that to say, and Im still bursting at the seams with joy!

ALSO, we just found out that room changes are this weekend, PRAISE THE LORD! Im so ready, and so excited. We thought that they would be next weekend, and Im off, so that would have been so much added stress. SO thankful its this weekend!

Im just to thrilled, and cant wait for the Lord's timing and provision in my life!!

Prayer Requests!
1. That Im able to REST, and wait patiently. 
2. Financial provision until LT is over
3. The Lord's timing in everything
4. For room changes, and the girls who will be in my room next!