Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall is a beautiful thing!

Fall in Branson... its so beautiful! The leaves change almost daily, and its finally starting to feel cold. Not that I was avoiding it or anything, but last week was so warm! Im thankful to have to use my coat this week.

We had 2 graduations on Friday. It was amazing to see how the Lord works in the lives of the kids and families. Because of privacy, Im not allowed to talk about my littles, but now that shes out, I can! Adrian, 18, from Texas, graduated! I've only known her two months, but I've seen a major change. The Lord truly works here, if only you could witness it first hand.

We have 14 girls left in the house, with one graduating in a few weeks, and some graduating next month. I think that by the end of January, we will have 6 girls left. Currently, there is no one on our waiting list, and its said that girls will go to the Kansas City Property before us. But, who knows what could happen. Please pray for these girls, that the Lord be working in them and through me and the LeadTimers. There is one girl specifically (lets call her Jenny) that does not know the Lord, but through a potential crush, is getting to see God. Pray for her heart that HE works on it, and that we're here to help.

THIS is exactly why Im here. I am part parent, part sister, part friend, part mentor, part everything else. So I could use your prayer as well.

Prayer requests:
1. Financial peace.
2. "Jenny", that she comes to know the Lord before going home.
3. That Adrian continues on a path of righteousness before heading to YWAM!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Leeann said...

AWESOME. Your pictures are beautiful, but stories of God's working are even more so. Love you girl!