Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A LONG week... but many blessings.

Its been such a hard week for me. I've learned SOOO much, but at the same time, this is one of the hardest weeks I've had here. 

Part of LeadTime, and actually, part of working for Doulos, is having times to serve and give back to the community. We have serve day every Thursday, and last week, we had our Thanksgiving Serve Projects. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we were split into teams of staff, LT, and kids, and were sent out to serve. 

On Wednesday, my team was on raking. I was astonished at the amount of leaves on the ground at the TWO houses we went to. The first house's yard was HUGE. Probably a good 50 yards, think half of a football field ish. And that was just the front yard... and, the leaves were at least 4 inches thick on the ground. It was crazy! I really havent seen that many leaves in my entire life. The couple who lived there had been married for something like 61 years, and had lived in the house for 35 years. What a blessing to be a blessing to him and his wife. 6 hours of raking, and a huge reward. 

On Thursday, we were assigned to a building project, or rather, tearing down a house. We had the opportunity to help out the area Habitat for Humanity by demolishing a house so they could rebuild for a family in need. We tore out windows, and moved cement blocks, took off the porch... etc. It was cool to see that process. But, the best part about the day was when we found love letters in the attic. Dated back to probably the 70's or 80's, we dont really know when. It was really fun to read the letters and cards, and figure out their lives. It was quite the thriller. 

And, my favorite day, Friday. I looked forward to this all week. We got to deliver Thanksgiving Food Baskets to people in need. Talk about Humbling. We delivered 11 baskets, and every time, I was so convicted about how I live, and those less fortunate than me. It was an incredible day, helping others to enjoy the upcoming holiday. We talked with one lady for about 10 minutes, and she was so sweet, and vibrant, and charismatic. Precious. My heart has a passion for moments like I had that day. 

So, on top of all of that, I slept in the house for 3 nights, and it was crazy. I think the girls were stir crazy, and just all of the circumstances... I had a rough few days. I got yelled at, confronted, walked away from, dang. All kinds of things. It really hurt my heart and my spirit. But, the Lord is teaching me about follow up and confrontation this week. Its cool, really cool, but so hard. I had some really great follow up conversations with the girls who hurt me, telling them they did. It was freeing to be able to speak to them in such a way that frees me from hurt. 

Also, today, almost a week later, I've had some really great conversations with other girls, and I got to include GOD! Usually I dont get to, or dont make the opportunity to. These girls are Christians, so its a bit easier to "slip" it in. Gosh, every single hard moment is erased completely by the good moments and good conversations. It makes living here worth it. Not that it wouldnt be worth it, but it goes to show everyone on the "outside" that this ministry and this program WORKS. How incredible!

We have another graduation this week, Im so excited! Its really fun to get to see the end of the journey. I know her well enough to say that she is going to succeed in this life! 

Like I said, this week has been about follow up and confrontation. I really feel that the Lord is moving in me and through me to the littles, and its so exciting. Also, I walked into this year feeling lonely and weird that I'm 24 and still single. After much thinking and praying, and heartbreak, I can actually say that Im content with where God has me. I know that He is going to be faithful in this area of my life, as He has been faithful in so many other ways. Its incredible to have a changed mindset. It took awhile, but how GREAT is our GOD. Who knows what He has for me, but I'll be ready when it happens :)

Im looking forward to Thanksgiving break! It starts this weekend! I have 8 DAYS OFF! They're split up, but thats okay because by Wednesday, ALLLLLL of the girls will be GONE! How awesome. PARTY! No, not really, only figuratively. It will be fun! Im just ready for more than 2 days off in a row. :)

I guess I have one more thing to add... actually a story. Today I went thrift store shopping with another big, and we went to a store that we've helped at several times. The owner runs the store for a ministry/shelter for women. She noticed that we were familiar, and asked where we were from, and when we said Doulos, she got teary eyed, and asked for help. Her daughter is young, 18, and just had a baby. She is on psych meds, and is slowly detaching from her baby, and making bad choices, etc. She was crying by this point, saying that she had a family ready to take the baby when her daughter was ready. We were standing there almost awestruck and teary too. How vulnerable she was, and so desperate. She considered Shelterwood last year, but couldnt afford it (its middle range in the big picture of res. care) as a single parent. She was practically begging us to mentor her daughter, or to find SOMETHING to help her.  WOW. I was so humbled, and promised to do what I could. That poor baby boy, in the middle of it all. So, I guess why I wanted to share this is to show the impact of Doulos on the community, as well as how incredible God is to use my off time to minister to real people. AND, so that you can help me pray for this family.  

1. Two littles got saved on Sunday! Im praying that its genuine and that it sticks. Be praying too!

Prayer Requests:
1. For my continued trust in the Lord, in the way of finances, healing of past things, and new things too. 
2. For the graduate! Pray that she is able to transition well into this harsh world we live in. 
3. That the littles continue on the right path, and that they can see why they are where they are, and that this is just a season in their life. 
4.  For the family in the last part... mom, daughter and baby boy... that they find help and restoration. For peace in their lives, and that the Lords will be done in their lives. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. Im so blessed by it!

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Leeann said...

Girl, you are a rock star! Keep trusting God and sharing with us all that he's teaching you! Love and miss you bunches!