Sunday, July 27, 2008

YAY... The Journey Begins.

I keep wanting to say Aloha... I guess old habits die hard.

Im still at Hume Lake, but the great thing about today is that I know exactly what Im doing with my time after summer. Its comforting to finally have an idea and know.

Im going to be moving to Missouri (gasp and awe/shock is an appropriate response to this statement) on September 4 or 5. I will be going to work in a faith based, group home environment as a "big sister" to high school girls in need. The program is called LeadTime, and is part of a bigger ministry called Doulos Ministries. The group home program is called Shelterwood. This is a one year commitment, in, like I said Missouri. There are two campuses, Branson, a smallish town in Southern Missouri, sometimes called the "family friendly Las Vegas", and a brand new one in Kansas City, an actual city. I wont find out where Im going until Thursday or Friday of next week. WOW.

I know in my heart that the Lord has called me to this particular place, and its absolutely unbelievable. It goes back to my shoulder surgery, having all that time off, God putting a bug in my ear to work at a summer camp, Charles begging me to come to Hume (I didnt want to at first), and me finally coming here, to one day hear about LeadTime from a former LG, and getting inspired to do LeadTime. God is amazing and wonderful, and Im following His plan for my life... I think Im doing a pretty good job at listening.

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Your prayers would be most appreciated. If the Lord puts me on your heart to give something other than prayer, please contact me, I have a few needs, your help is most appreciated.

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Thanks for reading my very first blog!!!

--chels <3