Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another one leaves our nest....

Yesterday was the 2nd graduation (for girls) that I've been able to be a part of. Jordan, the sweet and silly one, graduated high school and Shelterwood. Its strange to see them all leave. All two of them. In December, we have 4 more graduating! AH. Talk about weird. The picture below is of Jordan (L), and Adrian (R), who both just graduated. Adrian's graduation was 2 weeks ago, but she came back!

I thought for sure a few months ago, that I would not be able to do anything for the Holidays. Well, turns out, I am wrong, at least for Thanksgiving. I have a friend from Hume, Cassidy, who lives in Joplin, Missouri, about 2 hours away. God is so good. Also, since I thought I wouldnt be going anywhere, the House Directors picked my days off so that I could be more flexible to help others who needed specific days off. So, I got 5 days off in a ROW, and I get to go see my dear friend Cassidy. How exciting. The Lord is truly providing for that need... which is needing to get the heck outta here for a few days. Whats funny though, is that I have 3 days off, starting now, and I have ALL THIS time to hang out and not do too much. Its so nice... but also strange, because I havn't had this much time off since last year this time... 3 full months off. Im keeping occupied with free Branson shows (SO amazing), good friends, movies and books.

I have two days on next week, and one of the days will be spent doing airport runs, and the other, we dont have any kids... so its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE TIME for me. Will I really need it though? Most likely not.
I went to two light show drive through things this week... I've included a few photos of that for you!

Happy Thanksgiving! Its almost Christmas!!!!

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