Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, my time at Hume is ending.... I have 10 days left. It seems like I just got here. Time flies around here, but at the same time, it feels like a really long time.

I have 14 days until I arrive in Branson, and I couldnt be more excited!! The thrill of a new place is always the most exciting part for me. My friend from Hume, Stefanie, arrived there today, and I cant wait to hear all about it!

Please pray for me that I am able to finish the summer strong, but be ready for the next phase of life.

And, a side note, Praise be to God for Daniel Mauck waking up! AMEN!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have finally found out where Im moving, which is in about twenty something days! Im so stoked to be going to Branson, which coincidentally , OR not, is where the Lord was telling me all along.

I bought my plane ticket today!!! YAY!! I love southwest because they dont charge for baggage! What a novelty! I will actually be leaving Vegas on September 4th, staying in Kansas City with the director of recruiting and her husband, the director of the KC campus. Then on Friday, the 5th, they will be driving me down to Branson.... a 3 1/2 hour car ride... pray for NO motion sickness!

But, that is a bit far off... I still have a lot to prepare for... like, shopping for winter clothes.... and sending out support letters... you know, the likes of it.

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The wait continues.....

Well, the Lord must really be doing a number on Doulos Ministries.... The Lord had major plans for everyone involved and they need more time to decide for me and everyone else where they are putting us. Its always a waiting game! Im still totally excited for wherever God places me, but I just have to be patient.

I bought a plane ticket for Fresno to Vegas for September 1st. I have yet to buy my other plane ticket.... Maybe by the end of next week :)

I just finished my support letter, and now Im waiting for my stationary so I can send them out! Please be praying for me as I prepare to send out letters, and pray for those who will receive them. The Lord will provide!

Thanks for all of your support!!