Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Break... and a New Dawn

Sadly, Thanksgiving break has come and gone (in about 6 hours). I was lucky enough to get to actually leave for the break... something I'm sure the Lord provided. And, actually, I was lucky enough to have a friend lend me her car so I could leave.

I went to Joplin, Missouri for 5 days. Its only about a 2 hour drive, something that I'm not really used to anymore! It was a fun drive down.... in the middle of Missouri. I met Cassidy this summer at Hume... again, totally the Lord, providing a friend for me who would live close... how great! I had Thanksgiving with Cassidy and her family, it was so fun. On Saturday, we all trekked up to St. Louis for the State Football game at the Rams' stadium! Cassidy's younger brother plays, so of course, we HAD to go. It was another fun road trip, about 4.5 hours, and I read the whole way. Their team won, so that was awesome to be a part of. The bonus, I got to take some fun pics of the arch, which was right by the stadium. I spent a lot of time with Cass and her friends and family, and it was great to experience life outside of Shelterwood for longer than 2.5 days!!

Things in our house are in constant chaos. I received some disheartening information recently, and its still killing me. Its such a hard thing to process and live with, and I'm hoping that things don't get any worse or go south.

We're getting another girl on Wednesday. This hasn't really happened yet, so it will be interesting. We had an intake a few months ago, but she was going to our Kansas City property and stayed only 3 days. I'm interested to see how the girls react to her, and what she is like. It will be an adjustment, but hopefully an easy one at that.

A few things you can pray for:
1. A peace of mind for our house, for all the bigs and house directors
2. Our new little "Anna", that she be welcomed
3. Financial provisions looking into the new year
Thanks for reading... its such an encouragement! Keep in touch!

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