Sunday, June 21, 2009

july? almost? WOW.


Its been a little bit too long, so sorry!

Things are going pretty well here, extremely busy! Summer continues to be non-stop action adventure!!

The girls house went camping on Thursday night in Arkansas. For some reason, we always go to Arkansas. Missouri must not be that great, ha. We went to the Buffalo River area, its so beautiful there. Unfortunately, I didnt take any photos. I ended up getting sick on Thursday night before dinner and spent the rest of the night in my own tent sleeping. It was really nice to be alone after feeling and getting sick. The stars out there are SO awesome! I wish I had been feeling well enough to lay out and enjoy Gods creations.

On Wednesdays, we volunteer in the afternoons at various places around Branson. One of the places we go to is the food pantry, CAM. I've been going there every week, and hope to keep going. This week, I had the opportunity to do interviews to the people in need, which means, I go down the list of items CAM offers, asking what they need/want. Its extremely humbling to be in that position, and more than once I've been choked up or actually cried. This week, there was a client that came in with needs for herself and 4 children, one of which was 4 months. She asked for everything that we offer, and when I mentioned diapers, she gasped saying "you have diapers! Oh yes please!" We ended up being able to give her extra diapers and wipes in addition to a fan that belonged to CAM (its been SO HOT here!!! Imagine that heat in a trailer). Before she left, I broke down in tears in the directors office. The Lord stirred so deeply in me to help her, which was an incredible feeling; knowing that God CAN AND WILL stir my heart, and that I can FEEL it. God is so good. The rest of the day went fairly slow, but knowing that God made a divine appointment with her and me so that she could be provided for, INCREDIBLE! I know I used that word a bit too much, but its so true. God is the incredible, the all powerful, the almighty. AH! God is awe-inspiring, and shocking! I dont know if I have any more words.

Since I've gotten my race blog, I feel that I've been consumed by race thoughts and all that goes with it. But thankfully, things have been super busy, and I havent been able to think about it much, and it doesnt consume my brain all the time. I think things are settling in that I AM going, and there are things that I need to do, but it doenst need to happen RIGHT NOW! If you know me well enough, you know my urgency regarding certain things... its hilarious Im sure.

Current Needs:
  1. Plane ticket to Oregon/Las Vegas for September
  2. Roundtrip plane ticket from Las Vegas to Atlanta, GA for training camp in October
  3. A car for my time in Las Vegas, September-December. If you know someone who has one, or if you have one that you are willing to let me borrow for this time, LET ME KNOW!

Prayer Requests!
  1. Prayer for my needs above.
  2. Continued financial provision for the end of LeadTime, through my time in Vegas and for the race.
  3. Rest, peace, patience for all things Shelterwood (its getting a bit exhausting)
  4. Rest, peace, patience for all things World Race.
Thanks everyone!
Love much!

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