Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"its so exciting, I just can't stand it"


The title is a quote from Leeann about my blog/the race/whatever. AND I literally cant stand it because its ALL SO DANG EXCITING!!!!

Lets start with my NEW BLOG! It is my official World Race Blog. Im SO EXCITED I just cant stand it. The address is: Very similar to this address, for your convenience (not really... thats just the format, but wouldnt it be nice if it was for YOUR benefit? its actually really convenient though). ANYWAY. I have written my biography, my first two blog assignments (because I couldnt contain myself), and have posted some pictures. The main page shows you how to navigate the website... its super easy.

Another awesome feature of the blog is that I am able to "meet" my January team members. Within minutes of actually posting my first blog, several people had commented, welcoming me to the team. Its so cool to feel the community already. We also have a team blog site that you can view and meet my team too! The address is: . I cant even remember that address, too many ones and zeros. BUT, go check out their blogs too, they are an awesome group of people. Im looking forward to getting to know them better. We also have a racers only blog, and have already read some extremely vulnerable posts... and am excited to keep reading and post my own. Its gonna be a sweet ride! Its so exciting, I just cant stand it!!

As the summer continues, Im finding it hard to stay on track of the Shelterwood/LeadTime focus. I really struggle with being in the moment, and not going to think about the race all the time. People have suggested that I compartmentalize, but that is just too hard. Since I like to talk about the race, a lot (or at least I think I do), I tend to want to bring it up in conversations. But Im learning to hold my tongue when I think its neccessary to, or when its NOT neccessary to talk about it. Im trying to stay here, with the girls, in the present. Im trying to not have "short timer's", which is really easy around here. Its almost like avoiding the reality of where I actually am. Which, lets be honest, maybe I am. Oddly enough, I just had a conversation about this too... But I just need to be here. This is where God has me for the time.

Prayer Requests:
  1. For HIS divine provision for all things
  2. For the NOW part of right now, and not the NOW part of tomorrow
  3. For more guys to join my team for the race (okay, we all know it takes guys longer to commit, but lets be real, we need more!!)
  4. For my brain to quit (I cant fit God into the cerebral cortex people) with all the busyness for just a minute.
  5. REST!
thanks for reading!IM SO EXCITED I JUST CANT STAND IT!!

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Leeann said...

I got quoted in your blog? I'm so FAMOUS! But what I really want to comment is: Finish well, Finish WELL, FINISH WELL! You can do it, He can help (hey, that's sounds strangely like a hardware store slogan...). Remember, we're called to do all things as unto the Lord, especially finishing assignments He called us to, even when it's hard and we might be over it already. Rock on seesta!