Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to work, its SUMMER TIME!


I had a wonderful pre-summer break in Oklahoma! Katie even took me down to Austin, Texas for a day. Lots of driving, but totally worth it. We went to see the bats downtown. We waited for a LONG time, and a homeless guy got in my personal bubble, scary! I got really,  really sunburned at Barton Springs, a really cool natural pool. I was only in the sun for 45 minutes on each side. I cannot believe how sunburned I am! AH! I also got stung by a bee while I was there, and had a minor reaction. I took benadryl and was OUT for a few hours. Totally fried. Literally. 

I also had the chance to go to a BackWoods store to try on backpacks and got lots of information on things I will need to buy for the race! It was SO fun, and SO overwhelming. I wish I could buy all that stuff NOW! You know me, I want it now. The cool part about backpacks is that they are super customizable, and so the pack will be exactly for me! I cant wait to get that! They were super helpful, yay for BackWoods!

I was able to print my support letters yesterday, and got them ready to stuff. It was fun, and very time consuming. I feel like Im getting somewhere though, which is awesome. My mind is constantly consumed with race thoughts, and Im working on allowing God to calm my heart and mind so that I can sleep and think about other things. Its hard though, I admit, to think of other things. I had a major breakdown last week about financial things, and called Adventures (the main ministry that has The World Race) to get prayer. The people there are amazing, and so encouraging. Im so happy to be a part of that ministry!

Im excited for summer to actually begin... its going to be long, but full of fun. I cant wait to teach cooking for the girls. THAT is going to be awesome. The best part is on the last week, we are having a cake decorating contest! WOO HOO! FUN FUN FUN! 

I created a group on Facebook for the race. If you're on facebook, JOIN! I need all the help and support and encouragement I can get!

Prayer Requests:
  1. That I would be able to know when Im believing lies, and pray outloud for myself against them. 
  2. That I would have a peace of mind that I CAN DO THIS (race), and that its going to be great.
  3. That I would be encouraged through prayer.
  4. That I receive financial provision from now through the end of LeadTime, and after until the race begins.
  5. That more guys would be touched from the Lord to go on the January race! We NEED MORE!
  6. That everything would work for the greater good of the Lord. 
Happy summer everyone!

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