Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bursting at the SEAMS!

I have so much to be thankful for! Its really incredible!

Here is just a sliver of whats going on/what Im doing!

First and foremost, my job search is really heating up! Last week I was feeling so hopeless because I wasnt getting anywhere. I applied for 2 ministries similar to Doulos/Shelterwood, but had NO contact with any of them. One of my fellow LeadTimer's, Tracy, spoke over me last week too, telling me to wait on the Lord, and that He would lead me. 

SO, on Friday, I heard from the person that I was talking to before about a nanny job in Wyoming. The Lord shut the door on that a few weeks ago. But she emailed me asking if I was still interested. Crazy how that happens! I needed some time to pray and think about that. 

On Monday, a former LeadTimer, Patrice, came to talk to us about The World Race (, Its a missions trip around the world, 11 countries in 11 months. Its similar to The Amazing Race, but only by the travel part, there are only a few "challenges" on the race. She went from Jan-Nov last year, and showed a slide show and talked about it all. I was so intrigued and captivated by her, it was so amazing. I couldnt believe how into it I was. I looked up the website and found that the race I was interested in is in Jan 10, and was going to Australia, somewhere I've always wanted to go. I started my application, and asked Patrice if we could meet to talk about it. We hung out on Wednesday, and she was so encouraging, and she got me a promo for the application fee! AWESOME!

On Tuesday, out of the blue, someone from New Horizons Youth Ministries called me, they have a place like Shelterwood in the Dominican Republic. The recruiter was more interested in Shelterwood than asking me interview questions! HAHA. ANyway, he said he was impressed with me, and was going to highly recommend me for hire, and was sending an email to the DR right then and there. HOW exciting! I got an email on Wednesday from the recruiter, and today, we had a mini interview, mostly her telling me the differences between SW and their school. Whats funny is that she used to work for HeartLight Ministries in Texas, which was started by a former Shelterwood counselor. HOW nuts! ANyways, she also recommended me for hire and is sending my application to the Director of Home Life so that he can call me and interview me. She said I would be a good fit! The position is "housemom", which is so DIFFERENT than anything here. Its more about relationship and emotions than anything. They are discouraged from consequencing and confronting! What a change from here!!! OMG. Awesome. I would have a separate room, and they pay airfare and good $, plus room/board. Its so cool. I hope they contact me soon! They're already calling my references!

SO, all of that to say, its getting crazy in my head, and Im so excited/anxious/nervous etc. The race is expensive, so I need to raise support, and would only have a few months. But the Dominican is about time, can they wait for me to finish LT? The Lord's hands are all over this, and Im just so excited about whats to come. I was asked today, what if they are both a yes? HA! I dont know what I'd do if they were both a yes!!! I'd FREAK OUT!

All of that to say, and Im still bursting at the seams with joy!

ALSO, we just found out that room changes are this weekend, PRAISE THE LORD! Im so ready, and so excited. We thought that they would be next weekend, and Im off, so that would have been so much added stress. SO thankful its this weekend!

Im just to thrilled, and cant wait for the Lord's timing and provision in my life!!

Prayer Requests!
1. That Im able to REST, and wait patiently. 
2. Financial provision until LT is over
3. The Lord's timing in everything
4. For room changes, and the girls who will be in my room next!


ljillson33 said...

Hey Chels.

Im so sorry to hear about your step mom. I know its been awhile, but I got your letter and was able to take sometime to read your blog. It sounds like things are going well otherwise. How is your dad? If you get a few minutes, whih i know if hard, give me a call, or send me an email. Im not sure how so much time has past.
Miss you.

Leeann said...

over two weeks since an update?! You know what we call that? SUPER LAME. Get on it lady:)