Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its going to be interesting.... PRAY for me.

I have had such a great week! I moved into the house about a week and a half ago. I got the room that I wanted, such a blessing. I'm on the first floor off of the living room. It can be bad, but thankfully, the rooms are pretty sound proof... for a house full of girls that is. I have only two girls, but only for two more days. I got to keep one of my littles that I had in the cabin, and she just got a level, and will be graduating soon! The other little is someone I'm really excited to have, we get along great, and I feel like my influence will be a good thing. I have a room for three girls, but since I only have two, I will get the new little on Thursday. Its bittersweet for me, but something that happens around here. I just told my girls about an hour ago, and they were upset, sad and frustrated, but had to know that it could happen sometime. Some of the things that are a bummer are that new littles are on level one when they come, meaning that they cannot listen to music out loud for three weeks, and they have to be 5 feet from a big at all times. Mainly me. Pretty much like I said, bittersweet. 

Aside from that, I've been feeling blessed lately. A lot of it is my new room, and my co-big Megan. Shes so awesome. Also, I have felt the blessing from the Lord, and His provision. Its fun to see what He can do! I sent out so many letters, I'm praying that He provide through my time here. I've been blessed by conversations with bigs and staff members, and through their relationships. I've been blessed by doing things I didn't/don't want to do. I've been blessed by so many other things, I don't know if I can name them all. 

We are moving the Doulos offices into our BRAND NEW BUILDING! Its SOOOO COOL! LeadTime classes finally have a place to be! We have a HUGE new kitchen and dining hall, and the best part, its NEW. We've been spending a lot of time cleaning and moving stuff, and cleaning and moving stuff. Its going to be so awesome. Check out some of the pictures here: http://doulosconstruction.blogspot.com . 

Some things you can pray for:
1. Continued provision from the Lord. 
2. A smooth transition from two littles to three littles on Thursday, for all parties involved.
3. A renewed sense of peace and hope, which is already making its appearance in my life. 
4. Safe travels for my mom coming next week!!!! YAY!
5. REST!

Thanks for reading my blog, it truly encourages me! Please drop a line sometime!!!


Anonymous said...

Chels! I always want to leave comments to let you know I was here, but can hardly ever remember my password. Glad to hear you're seeing your blessings, and that "Jackie" is coming soon!!!! Woo woo! I hope you can get a little time off while she's there. Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

So, that's why it's anonymous--I tried 3 passwords already! My brain is totally mush from Tweens camp and working LONG days to make up for taking Monday off...Friday afternoon can't come soon enough!

Leeann said...

I think I figured it out--picture and all. Let's see if it works. Love you girl!