Wednesday, January 7, 2009

After the storm is always calm....

Finally, room to breathe, time to write. Incredible. 

My holidays were mostly crazy and also laid back. I stayed here at Shelterwood for Christmas, and it was good.... hard and tiring at times, but good. After Christmas, I had 6 days off plus my day off, so that was wonderful. Two staff members opened their homes to me so I didnt have to stay on property, which would have been UN fun. It was the best six days I could have asked for. I stayed inside on the couch, watched movies, tv and read books. I didnt go outside unless I was going somewhere, which was only 2 of the days. I know what you're thinking... WHY!? Because thats relaxation to me. DOING NOTHING! Awesome. 

We have new bigs!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! Its really great that we do. We have 3 new girls, two of them are already here, and the other comes on Friday. We also got 2 new guys, and maybe one more. HOW exciting. Now we have 10 girl bigs, and 12 girl littles. Almost a one to one ratio... makes things soooo much easier. Now we have more freedom to take the girls places, and do more fun things. Its going to be awesome. Also this week, we have room changes! Im so excited for this because living in the cabin outside is getting old. I dont have any personal things or space in the house, so its going to be great to have my own space here. Although, it might be hard finding quiet in the house when I move in too. That also means I get new littles too. I could have 2 or three, depending on what room etc. Im looking forward to the changes!!! I will make sure to write about what they are like when that happens. We find out tomorrow, but changes wont happen until Saturday morning. 

I had a pretty rough day today. I got a migraine after breakfast and was down until lunchtime. It was a horrible way to start the day, and now Im pretty tired and sore and just blah. I havent had a migraine since last summer, and it was nothing compared to this one. AH! I hate headaches so much!!!

Im finding that computer usage while on property is getting more and more hard. I hate not having a mac computer. I have a pc, but due to privacy, only mac's get internet here. If I want internet, I have to borrow from someone who has a mac, or use the house computer when there are no littles around, or go to a book store or coffee shop (but I dont have a car, so that can be hard too). THe reason Im bringing this up, is to ask for a little help. If anyone who reads this has an old mac with internet that they would be willing to donate or sell to me for a reasonable price, I would be grateful. However, I know that this is a huge request, and understand that it is probably not possible... but its worth a try...

I hope everyone is well!!!

Things to pray for:
1. The migraine plague, that it leave me ALONE!!!
2. Room changes, that I be open to who I get for littles, and that it go smoothly.
3. The possibility of a new computer.... ?
4. The Lords provision financially.

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