Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My expectations are constantly being eclipsed by the realities of life at Shelterwood.... Its been intense the past week or so, and I keep forgetting that we cannot hold these kids to a standard that we could hold to any "normal" teenager. I think I'm learning to not have any expectations because things can change in an instant.

We had what felt like a surprise intake, but in reality, I think I found out about it right after I blogged last. We got two new girls in the same week ("Anna" and "Taylor")... talk about chaos. More like controlled chaos. The rest of the girls warmed to the new girls, but were also on their "best behavior" as they got to know them right away. "Anna" is sweet, but I'm actually waiting to see her bad side. She is still sad and upset about being here, as it was a surprise to her. "Taylor" is almost the opposite of Anna, she is sweet though, but is more outgoing and sassy. She also didn't know she was coming, but since she is familiar about Shelterwood, she is more relaxed about being here. Having "levels" in the house is a different feel and different setting because they are foot restricted, meaning they have to be within 5 feet of a big at all times. It can be trying at times being fully and constantly aware of someone, but its also good that its their responsibility to move when you do, and there are consequences if not. The first three weeks are the hardest for these kids, so I'm asking that you pray for Anna and Taylor, and all of us bigs, as we're in for a long few weeks.

Christmas is coming so fast! I cannot believe it! It seems like it was just last year when I was in Maui for my last Hawaiian Christmas. I wasn't working, and it was glorious. I guess it seems like it was just a few months ago because I haven't really done much since then... well, okay, I've done a lot, but it feels like I haven't done anything. HA. I really do work a lot, so that's funny. Anyways, I am going to be here for Christmas, which is fine by me, I don't have the money to go anywhere. The two new littles are going to be here for break, and possibly a few more kids. Breaks are fun because we really don't have any structure, and get to just hang out and do fun things with the kids. I'm looking forward to that time!

Prayer Requests this week:
1. A stress free week ahead, like I said, its been chaos.
2. Safety of all the girls.
3. Again, for financial provisions, I'm struggling a bit.

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