Monday, October 6, 2008

I finally have something to write and time to do it!

Hey Everyone!

This journey of LeadTime is proving to be more difficult than I could have ever imagined. Think of this: being 24 years old, and a parent to a troubled teenage girl... well 15 troubled teenage girls. Its SO hard. I think that I glossed over this difficulty, but let me tell you that it is so rewarding. When a girl comes running to me after a hard parent call, and falls apart in your lap, its most certainly worth every second of hard times. I enjoy the challenge of always being challenged.

Please keep me in your prayers... My prayer needs are:

  1. My stepmom's health isnt good. Please pray that she is healed quickly from surgery and that her brain tumor shrinks.

  2. That the spiritual warfare that Shelterwood experiences calms down, and that the Lord's will be done.

  3. That I have the ability to give unending love to all the girls, and to my fellow LeadTimers.

  4. REST!

  5. The Lord's financial provision. Pray that I will receive more support!

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