Friday, September 5, 2008

Branson!?! Why Branson!?!

Well Everyone, I made it!!! Its been such a long week, and honestly, Im completely overwhelmed. Its so incredible to finally be here, I just cant believe it. 

I left Hume on Monday afternoon, and left Vegas yesterday morning. I flew into Kansas City, and spent the night. Its a nice place, and it was COLD! Then today, I was driven down to Branson. What a long car ride, but maybe it didnt feel long at all. Fun. AND, I didnt get carsick, thankfully. Oh and the best part, we saw two Amish cart/horse things driving down the highway. SO funny.  

Branson is not what I expected at all... its really green, and hilly, and its beautiful. I would take pictures for everyone to see, but my camera had an accident at Hume, and I cant have it until it gets fixed. But, I promise to get photos soon. 

Everyone here is so great, Im just overwhelmed by meeting all of these people... My cabin is nice. Its outside the main house, which is really cool. It has a baby kitchen, and its own bathroom. Loving it. 

Please email me, or send me letters, or call me, I might need some encouragement in the coming week. 

Thanks for everything!!


my address:
Attn: Chelsie O'Neal
282 Doulos Drive
Branson, MO  65616




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