Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THE Plan

I have an "official" plan! Its been about a week since I made a decision, and its about time I fill you in!

I leave Doulos in Branson, MO on Friday, August 28. I cant believe its over! More about that later. From here, I am flying to Las Vegas for a week, to spend time with my dad. I'm really excited about this because he was able to take some time off of work to get to hang out with me. YIPPEEE. Even though I'm sad about not being able to stay, I know that its not in the Lord's plan for me to stay there. The following Friday, September 4, I will fly home to Bend. I immediately have a wedding to get to, but after that, will be staying for four months until I leave on the World Race.

It took me awhile to make a decision because part of me was waiting for the Lord to show me something, or tell me where to go. I finally made the choice because I think that is what God was trying to teach me. Its not about the where part, but really the what choice am I making, and is it pleasing to God. Since he had already shut the door on Vegas, there weren't many other options. I tried to make everything work, but the realistic option is what I went for.

I have not been in Bend for more than two weeks since I left for Vegas 5 years ago. Its so crazy to be moving home after all this time. I'm really excited to spend time with my family, and to work like crazy!

SO, life at Doulos is coming to an end. We have one more "real" day with the girls, tomorrow. One real day. I've gone from ONE year, and its down to ONE day. Okay, so I have one more real week here, but its a break, and we will have minimal girls. We'll have 3 over the weekend and 1 for most of the week (we just got a new little on Monday!), and maybe another. It will be full of REST, and fun, and hanging out. Its going to be a blast... and super chill. Just what I need. This week has been full of "lasts"... the last time I'm ever going to be on a dinner at Doulos... the last Saturday work project... the last time taking a little to sonic... the last room time... and etc. A year went by so fast.

The new LTers came today. That was weird. Its really strange to think that they are taking our places in 10 short days. They are moving into our old rooms, interacting with our girls, and starting a new routine and life at Shelterwood. And, I'm not going to be here. I'm not going to see these girls. I'm not going to be a part of their last few months. THAT'S crazy. And sad. I'm probably going to cry a lot.

Where did this year go?

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