Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekends are my least favorite time of the week...

Its been an extremely hard week for me. On top of that, I've been sick, and thankfully Im almost done with that. 

Lets start at the beginning I guess. One of the girls (Im almost positive one of the ones in my room) stole something from me. Maybe I should back up... Okay, so I started Weight Watchers again a few weeks ago, and so far am doing really well! I've already lost 5.2 pounds, which is a HUGE feat for me. Anyway, as part of that, I bought Special K protein water mixers so that when Im about to chew my arm off from being hungry, that it takes the edge off of the hunger monster. They are expensive for my very small salary. So, fast forward to last Wednesday, my day off. I come home to find an empty packet in the bathroom trash. I went to bed SO angry! I confronted my room the next day and gave them 24 hours to fess up or they were all getting the stealing consequence of 3 Work Hours (lots and lots of cleaning and not very fun projects) and 1 week of property grounding (cant leave property/cant have anything from off property). Well, that didnt go very well. They were extremely upset and mad at me, it was HORRIBLE! I havent really questioned myself that much since I got here, but had several people reassure me. AH! So 24 hours went by with no confession. They actually turned things back to me, thinking that I had done it but forgot! That made me so mad!!! Well, no one confessed, and so they all got consequences. Thats when they all got mad! Didnt make for a very fun house night at first. Well, Im pretty sure I know who did it, but I dont have proof, and she isnt fessing up... so they all have to live with the consequences of it. These girls, I swear... a handful! Im actually really excited for room switches in a few weeks. 

Its also parents weekend coming up, which is really great because its a lot less stressful than last time, and its not going to be as crazy. Im looking forward to it... plus we get treated, most of the time, to food. I love food...  but I gotta be good!

Im applying for jobs in the residential care world, or at least Im thinking about it. I have the applications, but havent filled them out yet. I think Im waiting for a response from a nanny opportunity that has come up. Its in Cheyenne, WY, about 3 hours from my best friend and 1.5 hours from Denver. It sounds wonderful, but its a waiting game like everything else. I might go visit the family in a few weeks too, how fun! But, Im also trying to hear from the Lord on the future, but its SO hard! I dont want to wait! 

I could use prayer in the following areas...
1. Finances, Im getting low in this area. Pray for provision. 
2. Future opportunities, that I hear from the Lord, and feel peace.
3. My room, my girls, that we can function well, and without conflict.
4. My personal weight loss challenges... Im doing well so far! Pray for 6 more pounds by May!
5. Rest and peace. 

Thank you for reading this, it makes me feel loved!

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